The Most Remembered Supermodels from the 1990s

Austin Dean


As the century was ending, the beauty world was flourishing; not that there hadn’t been beauties before, but supermodels were another kind. All hyped up, changing images, embodying attraction and style, and shining — that was their primary mission. And they still impress us, as in the 1990s supermodels got ubiquitous as never before.

The greatest thing about these supermodels is that most of them are still active, appearing on covers, spotted on catwalks, and living their own social lives — as persons rather than images. And that’s what inspires the most: young beauty might be about luck, but a grown one is about choice. 

1. Linda Evangelista

Not only was she incredibly beautiful; Linda was famous for embracing various styles, images, environments, appearing as a Billy Milligan-esque multitude of beautiful women in one. No wonder she said, “we don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day”: not so much when split among all the Lindas.

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