10 Fantastic Payment Apps to Try in 2022

Austin Dean


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Contactless payments make our life easier and better. These mobile apps help you pay for any purchase, even if you do not have cash or cards with you.

1. Google Play

This service is compatible with Android and iOS. During the week, you can send up to $10,000 or make one transaction for $9,999. There is no fee for transferring money, but you can't send money to friends through this application.

2. Apple Pay

The branded service is available only on Apple devices. It allows users to send up to $10,000 per week, and the amount of one transaction should not exceed $3,000. There is a 3% fee when using a credit card.

3. Samsung Pay

This service is presented on modern models of Samsung devices and is similar to the previous two. Fortunately, there are no limits on sending money and fees, but you are not allowed to transfer funds to another user.

4. PayPal

The payment platform is compatible with a variety of gadgets. Verified accounts have no limits; others cannot send more than $60,000 at a time. When using a debit or credit card, an additional 2.9% is added to the fixed fee.

5. Xoom

This money transfer service has expandable limits. You can start with $25,000 per day. When providing personal information, some restrictions are lifted.

6. Circle Pay

The Circle Pay universal app allows you to send foreign currency payments worldwide. It doesn't charge a commission, but it imposes restrictions; for example, during the week, you can send only $400.

7. Venmo

Venmo allows you to send no more than $300 per week and expand the limit after a while. The commission is not charged when paying in partner services, but it can reach 3% in other places.

8. Square Cash

You can send up to $250 per week or transaction with Square Cash. If necessary, you can increase the limit ten times. In any case, the commission is 3%.

9. Zelle

If your bank is a credit union member, pay attention to this service. Zelle itself does not impose limits or fees. All these conditions depend on the specific financial institution.

10. Facebook Messenger

It is available to all users with a Facebook profile. You can connect a PayPal account or a debit card and pay without commission. The developers of the service do not disclose the limits.

What mobile payment apps do you prefer?


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