15 Awesome Instagram Filters You Should Try

Tania Dzibuk


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Instagram is a platform for visual self-expression. Luckily, you can make your Stories more engaging with various filters and effects. Now, for it, you do not need to have extra apps and spend a lot of time processing photos and videos. Everything you need is already on Instagram. And in this article, we have collected 15 incredibly cool filters you should try right now.

1. Smile

With this effect, a kind of halo with a positive inscription appears on the top of your head, and tiny emoticons melt on your cheeks, glowing with happiness. Use it if you want to share your great mood.

2. Little Mermaid

The name speaks for itself. Do you want to try yourself as a sea princess? Apply this filter to get a crown, luxurious makeup, and red curls. Air bubbles will float over your video.

3. Snow White

Another Disney character in our selection is Snow White. Try on the red headband and makeover of the famous princess: a cute eyeliner, long eyelashes, pale skin, and a charming blush on the cheeks.

4. Lil Anime Doll

This filter sends you directly to all famous fantasy anime at once. You get large expressive eyes with the outer corners raised. Plump lips and marble skin are also included.

5. Stereoscopic

Take your content to the next level with the Stereoscopy effect. You can turn your Stories into voluminous and fascinating videos in seconds. It is ideal for making boomerangs.

6. BW Vibe

The classic black and white filter never goes out of style. Apart from the color change, it also offers you background blurring to create a more "mystical" vibe. At the same time, your face and makeup remain original.

7. Not So Basic

This simple effect will make you a work of art. You will get light makeup with radiant skin and a slight blush. Multi-colored chaotic strokes will appear around your eyes as if made with an artist's brush.

8. Dreamy Summer

Summer is just around the corner, but if you want to have tanned skin and light makeup right away, use Dreamy Summer. This filter makes your eyes a little more definitive and adds a swarm of charming butterflies around your head.

9. Big City Life

Compared to previous filters, this one is not as expressive but deserves your attention. It smoothes your skin tone, whitens teeth, accentuates eyes, and adds perfect lighting.

10. Bubblegum

Bubblegum will help you create a festive atmosphere in any of your Stories. It doesn't add makeup to you or change your face. But floating hearts and other multi-colored shapes appear in the background.

11. Red Berries

This is another "calm" filter on our list. It adds subtle enhancements to your appearance (evens out skin tone, makes your nose a little thinner, etc.) and improves lighting. That is why it is ideal for shooting content indoors.

12. Daisies

Daisies are a cute and simple effect that tweaks your makeup a bit and adds a halo of miniature daisies around your head. You can replace it with one flower by tapping on the screen once.

13. Cute Baby

This filter has little to do with various effects that literally turn you into a child. It enhances your makeup, makes your eyes brighter and more expressive, and sticks a cute blue butterfly on the bridge of your nose.

14. Lens

With this effect, you can make a frame within a frame. The main color picture is placed in the center. For the frame, the same image is made in black and white and flipped upside down. It is such a simple and, at the same time, fantastic filter.

15. Print

With it, you can "scan" any object you are interested in (for example, a wise quote from a novel), make an inscription for a photo or video out of it, and apply it when creating Stories.

Instagram is a real storehouse of marvelous effects. Which options from our list have you tried? Please share your favorite filters in the comments!


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