Boost Productivity With Top-10 Chrome Extensions

Austin Dean


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If you feel that your productivity is falling down during this winter, don’t worry. There are multiple extensions for the Google Chrome browser that will help you. They ease your life, turning your daily routine into an exciting adventure.

We use Chrome for surfing the net most of the time. It has a high-security level and is considered to be the most popular browser in the world. No wonder, we spend all our free time. Yet, this browser is also a functional tool for any work you need to do.

Top-10 Options for Busy Bees

Its extensions can help you to keep your anonymity online, reach websites with local restrictions, or translate important information. Chrome allows you to edit your documents and reminds you of important dates you can’t miss. Apart from thousands of useful tools, it contains extensions that boost your productivity. Here is the list of main helpers:

  1. Rescue Time. This app is a time manager for Chrome. It tracks all the time you spend there, showing you the productivity level and websites you spend the most time on. Check out how you spend your day and change the schedule if you need;

  2. Adblock. You can’t go further online without adding an Adblock to your browser. It catches and deletes all the pop-up ads you don’t need. It saves you from malware as well, blocking dangerous services;

  3. ClickUp. This extension works with Time tracking and Tasks. You may organize your working routine with its help. You may delete extensions like Notepad, Screenshot, Timer, Email, and Tasks if you have ClickUp;

  4. Grammarly. If you are doubtful about your grammar, download this extension and check the right answer. It can save you from getting embarrassed in front of your colleagues. Grammarly helps you to improve your spelling and grammar;

  5. Office Online. You have already known this tool for sure. It is a perfect alternative to all the Google sheets and docs. It has all the features you need online. You can use it after registering a Microsoft account;

  6. Todoist. This is a useful organizer for your work and daily routine. You can create a schedule and stick to it. This tool allows you to add the websites you need to attend, including the websites with online classes or libraries. You can track your progress there;

  7. Microsoft Teams. This is an extension of your work. It helps to share the screen with team members during the video call. All you need is to click on the Cast and pick the screen share option;

  8. Noisli. This extension helps you to concentrate on your work. If you can tolerate annoying sounds around you, suppress them with music you pick to play in the background. You can turn on sounds of rain or fireplace;

  9. Google Translate. This translator is a lifesaver in a modern multilingual world with tons of information written in foreign languages. It can translate pages or specific words to any language you want;

  10. Water Reminder. Do you know how much water you need to drink during the day? Water is vital for your positive mood and energy level. This extension will distract you from work, reminding you to drink a glass of water whenever you need it. It keeps you active during the day.

Extensions You Need Everyday

Extensions weigh almost nothing and are simple to install. While they may ruin your view onto an empty panel above the text, they are helpful and irreplaceable. Download them one by one and try to use them during the day. You will quickly find the benefits that help you.

If you have more recommendations you can share them in the comments below. Which extension on Chrome is your favorite? Which tool you don’t need in your browser at all?


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