Apex Legend Mobile: Master Game Like a Pro

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The first season of the mobile version of Apex Legend is in full swing. Favorite characters meet with new legends in old and brand new locations to determine who is the coolest here. For beginners, surviving in the legendary Battle Royale is not easy. Here's how to get the most out of your first battle and not screw up.

Apex Legend Mobile Rookie Tips

The game is so multifaceted and full of possibilities that the list of tips can be almost endless. In this section, we have collected the main ones that will help you survive the very first match:

  • Looting is completely based on chance, but it is important to find the weapon that best suits you to adapt faster. For example, choose the Peacemaker if you're into head-to-head combat. It is desirable to test each item on the practice range.
  • Activate auto-pickup to collect items quickly. Sorting will be done later, in a safe place.
  • Always opt for a higher rarity. Focus on colors: gold is legendary, white is common, purple is epic, and blue is rare.
  • Never stand still and do not hide in one building; otherwise, you will fall into the trap of a narrowing ring.
  • Remember that you work as a team. Use the ping system to share your plans with squad members.
  • Top up on your shields when not in combat. They can really save you.
  • Don't forget about finishers to finish off defeated enemies and complete missions.
  • Sliding combined with jumping provides better maneuverability.
  • Try different legends to find the one that best suits your style. Beginners better start with offensive legends and work their way up to heavy utility-focused ones.
  • Upgrade your characters by unlocking new perks.
  • Hitboxes are different. The larger they are, the more powerful your shot. From this point of view, Caustic, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder are the strongest.

Examine Legends

Within Apex Legend Mobile, legends are characters. They have unique sets of skills, strengths, and weaknesses. It is important to study them all to understand what suits you best:

Offensive class:

  • Bangalore. She is a master of tactical combat, can run while under fire, fires a smoke launcher, and wields Rolling Thunder.
  • Mirage. He uses holograms to deceive enemies and can turn invisible and use decoys.
  • Wraith. She manipulates the dimensions, senses the approach of danger, and enters the Void to move and not take damage.
  • Fade. He manipulates dimensions, can teleport, and send nearby legends to the Void. Unique to Apex Legend Mobile.
  • Octane. When undamaged, he regenerates health, can speed up and has the Jump Pad for double jumping.

Recon class:

  • Pathfinder. He scans beacons, detects rings, wields a grappling hook to move around the area, and can create a zipline for the entire team.
  • Bloodhound. He locates enemies, traps, and clues. His ultimate speeds him up and highlights the footprints of his victims.

Defensive class:

  • Caustic. He uses toxic gas against enemies thanks to Nox Gas ultimate and can reduce incoming damage by 15%.
  • Gibraltar. He generates shields to destroy tanks, blocks incoming damage, and uses Defensive Bombardment for damage and stuns.

Supportive class:

  • Lifeline. She heals and revives team members and can find advanced equipment pods thanks to the Care Package.

The more experience points you have, the more legends you can unlock. You can partake in the massive Battle Royale, 3v3, free practice, and limited-time regimes with your chosen character. You get cosmetic items and new tasks every week as part of the Battle Pass (there are premium and free versions). Have you tried Apex Legend Mobile yet? What do you think about it? What legend do you get?



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