Awesome E-Bikes Routes Coming Soon to Apple Maps

Austin Dean


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Apple developers actively work to improve their main competitor of, Google Maps. Apple’s Maps service encourages users to switch from gasoline vehicles to electric ones, particularly e-bicycles. It is reported that optimized routes designed specifically for this type of transport will soon appear on the platform.

At the moment, it is only preliminary information from Steve Moser, the popular developer of applications for the iOS platform. He said he found several lines of code containing the word “e-bike” and offering new functionality for calculating arrival times and optimizing routes. These tools are not available in the service at the time of writing, which can only mean they have not yet been implemented into the application and are still under development.

Since there is no official announcement from the company representatives yet, it is assumed that “optimization” means offering more steer paths for e-bike users. By the way, this feature is the main difference between Apple Maps and its analog Google. Also, recently, the developers have introduced the option of detailed 3D maps of major cities in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are currently available). It helps you better navigate the area and find walking routes and public transportation.

Among other global changes that this application has undergone is the display of Crimea as part of Ukraine for all users, not from Russia. Recall that earlier, both Apple and Google showed the peninsula as a “white zone,” which did not belong to any country. At the same time, if the owners of iOS devices are in Russia, they see Crimea as part of the country.

If you are an active user of Apple Maps, please share your thoughts. What features would you like to improve in the app? Why is this service better than Google Maps, in your opinion?


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