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Austin Dean


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YouTube decided to keep up with the trends and join a huge number of streaming companies. It is reported that the developers work on creating their own marketplace, which will host subscriptions to various services. It is assumed that we will be able to try the new product this fall.

Currently, company officials have not commented on the latest data on their store’s launch. It is only known that the tech giant has been working on this project for at least 18 months. Active negotiations are underway with numerous entertainment channels to collect subscriptions to their services in one place. Such a step can greatly simplify the task of those users who simultaneously have membership in several companies. They will be able to modify, cancel, and renew subscriptions using a single hub.

Experts are already calling this project quite beneficial for all parties involved. The fact is that recently there has been a tendency to abandon cable and satellite television and switch in favor of more convenient streaming broadcasting through the Internet. Besides, the popularity of YouTube worldwide can make a tangible contribution to the spread of lesser-known entertainment services.

However, since there are no official statements, it is unknown on what terms such cooperation will be arranged. For example, it is unclear exactly how revenue will be distributed between YouTube and its partners. Probably, this figure will be very different, depending on the target audience of a particular channel in the selected region. And, of course, there is no data on how it will affect current YouTubers. Now it is only known that users from the United States will be the first to try out the new marketplace, but the geography will expand in the future.

What do you think of the YouTube subscription store? Do you find this idea convenient and timely? Or do you think the tech giant is trying to impose its monopoly.


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