Does Instagram Share Your Location After iOS Update?

Tania Dzibuk


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If you have already updated your iOS to the latest version, you probably noticed that many services once again asked you to consent to data processing. In this regard, someone started spreading information on the Internet that Instagram not only collects data about your location but also shares it with other users. The company representatives explained this situation and denied all the accusations.

The post, the author of which claims that Instagram (after the iOS update) allows other users to see your “exact location,” has become very popular and gained a lot of likes and shares. While many thanked the author for spreading such disturbing news, the published information turned out to be fake. The reasons for this misinformation are currently under investigation.

Instagram representatives issued a rebuttal and assured their customers that information about their location is used exclusively for tags and maps. Unauthorized users cannot access it without your knowledge and permission. As always, you still have the option in your device’s settings to completely turn off your location monitoring. While overall user experience may be a little worse in this case, you will protect yourself if such news becomes true.

Recently, Meta and its products have been involved in litigation over the spread of misinformation and control over user data. That is why any news related to potential harm to users is taken at face value. The described case is a vivid example of the fact that people are suspicious of social networks and instant messengers and are ready to believe such news unconditionally. Do you think Meta will be able to restore customer trust? By the way, how do you feel about location monitoring? Do you allow apps access to it, or do you prefer to block it completely?


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