Google Authenticator Removes a Feature

Austin Dean


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If you have two-factor authentication switched on on an array of your accounts, then you’re most likely aware of the Google Authenticator app. It’s an important security tool that ensures that no one gets access to your account, irrespective of whether they have the password to it or not. Two months ago, Google Authenticator introduced the ‘click to reveal PIN’ functionality. It suggests tapping on the app prior to seeing your authentication code. According to the latest reports, this vital feature has been pulled by the tech giant (allegedly) for good. Read on for further information. 

The tap-to-reveal PIN functionality was meant to provide an extra layer of security. And it was quite useful in situations when there were lots of people around you, e.g. in a long line somewhere crowded. However, because codes changed every thirty seconds, concealing them didn’t really make a major difference. 

Although Google is constantly making clear that their users’ security is their top priority, the tech giant didn’t explain why the decision was made to remove this feature, although we hope it’ll touch upon it in the future. Chances are the tool can return in its upgraded version. With all that said, now that you have launched the app, you’ll see all the two-factor authentication codes in the list. 

The ‘click to reveal PIN’ feature didn’t make it to iOS. Instead, the Face ID or Touch ID function was used whenever authentication codes needed to be revealed. Who knows, maybe biometric unlock for authenticator codes will soon be introduced for Android users. So, what are your thoughts on this? Have you noticed the click-to-reveal-PIN disappearance? Has it made any particular impact on you? Let us in on your thoughts in the comment box below. We value your feedback greatly.


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