How to Create Custom Whatsapp Emojis

Tania Dzibuk


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Stickers and emojis are an integral part of communication in any messenger. One picture can express the whole range of emotions and, at the same time, add even more humor to the situation. Although there is a huge selection of ready-made packs now, creating something of your own and unique is always better. We’ll tell you how to make custom stickers for WhatsApp and delight yourself and your friends.

What You Need

We will share our tips for creating emojis in the Sticker Maker app since WhatsApp does not allow you to do it on mobile devices. You will need:

WhatsApp account;
Sticker Maker installed;
any convenient painting application;
a smartphone or tablet that works with a stylus.

Of course, drawing skills and a great idea should be attached to all this; then, the sticker pack will turn out awesome.

Draw Stickers

Remember that each picture should clearly reflect a particular emotion when creating a pack. You can take standard emojis as a basis and transfer their facial expressions to your own idea. When the plan is ready, take the following steps:

Open any convenient drawing application and create a new file.
Set the canvas options. You can use the default settings; usually, a 2000x2000 px square is used.
Now, you will need to apply your drawing skills. Draw one character with a distinctive facial expression that reflects a particular emotion. Stay within the selected canvas dimensions.
Try not to add too many details and stick to a consistent color scheme. Otherwise, the picture will be poorly read in the form of a small sticker.
We recommend saving a transparent background and exporting the finished file in PNG format. It will save you the hassle of cutting out a character in the future.

Create Stickers

When you have the perfect picture ready, go directly to creating a WhatsApp sticker. As a reminder, you can use the simple Sticker Maker app for it. Install it on your device and follow these steps:

Launch Sticker Maker and pick the “Create a new sticker pack” option.
Empty blocks will appear on the screen. By clicking on any of them, you can add your picture.
Circle the character with your finger or stylus to cut it out. Zoom in on the image to make the contours as accurate as possible. Don’t worry if something goes wrong. You can always start over.
If you are satisfied with the result, save it.
Then, you need to choose the tray icon for your pack. It can be any picture from the gallery or one of the ready-made stickers.
Export the set to WhatsApp.

To create sticker packs, you can use both your own hand-drawn objects, as well as other images and even your own photos — anything you deem worthy of stickers.

Send Stickers

It’s time to send out your super cool stickers to your friends:

Launch the messenger and tap the icon responsible for the stickers.
You will be offered all the available packs, including the one you imported from the sticker editor.
Pick the desired picture and send it to the chat.
If your friends like the set, share it with them via Sticker Maker. They will need to install it on their devices.

Thus, you can make an unlimited number of sticker packs with any characters, including yourself in the lead role. Treat your friends by creating stickers with them or their pets. If necessary, you can delete an outdated set. Your tray icons have a circled plus sign; tap on it to go to “My Stickers” and delete the pack by clicking on the trash can.

As you can see, the process of drawing custom stickers is not that difficult if you have a great idea. Do you create your own WhatsApp packs? If you are an active user of different instant messengers, please tell us which one is more convenient for this process?


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