How to Watch YouTube Offline

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YouTube is a real treasure trove where you can find videos for every taste. If you have a long trip ahead of you without an Internet connection, you probably want to stock up on content to make the time go by faster. Fortunately, there are several ways to download the videos you like to any device and enjoy them on the go. Here is how to do it.

Copyright Notice

When downloading a video through the official software and using a premium subscription, you get access to it based on the Terms & Conditions set by the platform. Under this method, you can only view content through the application and don’t have access to the original file. However, the use of third-party services that also allow you to get clips from YouTube violates these terms. Please be aware that the company has the right to freeze or completely block your account as soon as it detects illegal activities.

Also, always be aware of copyright and not utilize downloaded materials for profit. The use of any copyrighted material that is not CC-licensed is illegal, unlike videos created by your friends or family members from whom you have received approval.

Download Videos on Android Devices

You can use either a pro subscription or third-party services to get videos on your Android tablet or smartphone. The first option is the most preferable because with it you can be sure that it won’t damage your gadgets.

Premium account

You can use YouTube with a regular account, or you can upgrade it to a premium subscription that, among other things, offers users the opportunity to get content for offline viewing. Keep in mind that it’s not available in some countries, so check out the full list on the official website. It’s the easiest and safest way to download videos:

  • launch the app on your Android gadget;

  • find the desired video;

  • under the post, you'll see many tools, among which there is the "Download" button;

  • pick the clip quality and tap the button.

Wait for the file to download, and the "Download" button will change to "Downloaded." All videos obtained in this way are stored in "Home." If you need to get rid of old content, tap the same button and pick "Delete."


For those who don't have an upgraded subscription but still want to use YouTube offline, there's TubeMate. It’s a fairly popular third-party tool explicitly designed for getting videos. When using it, be aware of the potential danger to your device and copyrights. If you still decide to utilize it, here's how to do it:

  • get the application using APKMirror;

  • open YouTube on a portable device;

  • pick the desired video and tap "Share";

  • choose TubeMate from the list of available services;

  • download the clip to your smartphone or tablet storage.

Unlike the previous version, TubeMate saves content on your device, not in the app. So make sure you’ve got enough space.

Download Videos on Chromebook

We cannot recommend reliable third-party services for downloading YouTube content to Chromebooks, as Google regularly blocks them. If you still don't plan to subscribe to a premium subscription, use TubeMate on your mobile device and then transfer files to your laptop. YouTube also offers pro users to get content on their Chromebooks. The steps are almost identical to what we've described in the section for Android devices. You can view all downloaded materials through your profile and the "Downloads" tab in the main menu.

To use YouTube offline, we still recommend a premium subscription. In addition to downloading videos, it also gives you many other benefits, such as the opportunity to invite five other members. If, for some reason, you don’t want to do it, choose third-party services carefully and don’t infringe copyrights. Do you download YouTube videos? Which method do you prefer?



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