Immortality Game Appears on Mobile

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The latest creation of Sam Barlow, the creator of Her Story, comes on mobile devices. The game is called Immortality and it is available for all Netflix subscribers. Originally it was revealed last summer on PC and Xbox.

Sam Barlow’s latest project Immortality was created for PC and Xbox Series X/S owners in the first place. Now it can be downloaded on iOS and Android mobile devices as well, via Netflix subscription. You have to pay the basic subscription that Netflix offers to be able to play the game. The game is considered to be one of the most promising releases of 2022.

The game is Barlow’s masterpiece that uncovers his love for the video games from the 90s. You will find numerous references and similarities. The game asks you to solve the mystery and find Marissa Marcel, the fictional actress that needs your help. Basically you will have to run through the footage of 3 different films that were never released, as well as behind the scenes clips. They may contain the information about Marissa and the last events that happen with her before her disappearance.

The story to this game was written by Barlow and two incredibly talented scenarists Amelia Gran and Allan Scott. You may be familiar with their work on Mr. Robot and Queen’s Gambit. These names may give you a hint about the quality of the plot. Step by step you have to uncover details of the mystery feeling yourself true detective who gathers clues getting closer to the answer. The trailer of the game is already available on the official YouTube channel of Netflix. You can watch it before you decide to pay for a subscription and download the game. While you are watching the trailer you can pay attention to numerous details you may need later.

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