Top 10 Free and Paid Password Managers

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Password managers are handy tools that can help you generate unique and anti-hack combinations and securely store sensitive data in one place. In this article, we have collected ten great services: five free and five paid.

Free Apps

Free tools provide just as good protection as their paid counterparts. You may not be afraid that someone will steal your information; rather, they simply lack some fancy features you may not need.

1. Google

It is quite an obvious option for all those who have a Google account. It is a built-in service that helps you manage profiles across all other services. It's pretty basic in terms of functionality and definitely has some room for improvement. But you do not need to subscribe to any additional resource.

2. Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft's password manager works best with Microsoft accounts, but you can still use it if you're not a customer. It is available on mobile devices, but you will need a browser extension for the desktop version.

3. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is a pretty versatile tool. It is suitable for both teams and businesses, as well as private users. With it, you can exchange passwords with colleagues, store an unlimited number of records, launch backups, and manage all saved information.

4. Bitwardens

You can connect an unlimited number of devices to Bitwarden. It supports two-factor authentication and allows you to unlock accounts using biometrics. Advanced users will love the ability to host the password manager on their own servers and its open code.

5. PasswdSafe

PasswdSafe connects Windows and Android devices, allowing you to store all the data in an encrypted document in any convenient file locker. Thanks to it, synchronization is automatic and gives you access to data from any device. Also, instead of a master password, biometric data is used here.

Paid Apps

Additional paid service features may include enterprise tools, family sharing, encrypted cloud storage, and so on. If all this is exactly what you need, here are five great paid instruments.

1. Keeper

Keeper is a powerful application for businesses that allows you to generate and store multiple passwords and offers autofill, emergency access, cloud file storage, and more. There is also a function that monitors data leakage. Private users can use Keeper for free on one device.

2. 1Password

It is one of the most commonly used password managers. With it, you can generate unique combinations, store your bank card data, use the tool on smartphones and PCs, and store documents that require increased protection.

3. mSecure

Usually, password managers have bland and plain designs. mSecure stands out among them with an attractive and stylish interface. Behind the beautiful picture lies powerful functionality to help preserve your privacy: fingerprint scanning, 256-bit encryption, and automatic synchronization.

4. RoboForm

Despite its relatively low popularity, in terms of its reliability, it does not lag behind more well-known competitors. It's cross-platform, offering auto-fill, cross-device sync, two-factor authentication, and keeping all profile login attempts.

5. Nord Pass

To the basic functions of generating and saving passwords, here you can find autofill with any connection (Wi-Fi and the Internet), manage family access to profiles, create notes, and other advanced tools. If you don't need them, you can use NordPass for free.

If you have a favorite password manager, please tell us about it in the comments! And don't forget to share this post with your friends who are looking for a powerful assistant.


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