YouTube Releases Go Live Together for Wider Audience

Tania Dzibuk


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The live-stream guest service is already there and it will be opened to a bigger audience. YouTube has made an official announcement about its place for Go Live Together. The company believes that this feature will open more possibilities for streamers on YouTube within the app.

YouTube is actively testing the new feature with the help of chosen YouTube creators. It looks like all the preparations are over and the company is ready to represent Go Live Together to a wider audience. This feature may be helpful to streamers who have multiple subscribers. It offers one owner of a YouTube channel to invite other owners as their guests or as part of the collaboration. Channel owners can invite users as well, and split screen with them, offering live interactions and a new level of engagement. This is still a unique experience for live broadcasts on YouTube.

The feature promises lots of opportunities for all brands that work on YouTube since they can promote their goods, ask experts, and provide interviews with celebrities. New streams will attract more attention to the channel. For YouTube creators, it allows experimenting with new styles of broadcast, including interviews with famous gamers or scientists, based on channel specifics. As a host, you will be able to invite numerous guests and ask them one by one to join the interview. Only one guest will be revealed on the split screen. Perhaps YouTube will update the number since TikTok offers the conversation with 5 guests in real-time at the same time. Instagram provides an opportunity to speak up to 3 users at the same time. The host can check out all the guests and talk to them before starting the broadcast.

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