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Pop-up ads are not only intrusive; they can be a sign of malfunctioning or even cause glitches. This is the primary reason why Android users should be aware of potential solutions to the problem in case they find their device paralyzed by annoying pop-ups. Which method to choose is largely determined by what is causing the issue. In this article, we’ll explore how you can put a stop to pop-up ads showing up on your screen every once in a while and how the steps to take depend on the root cause.

It’s essential that you know how to spot a fishy pop-up. Not all ads are created equal; some are boring, annoying, and intrusive, while others are plain suspicious. Identifying such instances is key to the health of your device as well as your data and financial security. Most often, suspicious pop-ups are part of fraudulent schemes. The most optimistic scenario one can think of when it comes to ad-focused malware is forcing you to visit yet another store by being unbearably intrusive. Apart from that, you risk losing your data or even money if you don’t eliminate ads that are rife with dangerous links and buttons. Here’s a list of the top 5 signs you might be dealing with fraud:

  • The ad is using pronouncedly formal tone of voice and refers to a governmental agency yet appears in a context that wouldn’t normally suggest anything of the kind. For example, you are watching a movie and then an ad pops up claiming that you must sign a document of utter importance. This is extremely fishy.

  • You are informed all of a sudden that you’ve won a ridiculously huge sum of money. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You’re most unlikely to win anything unless you explicitly agree to participate in a lottery or competition, in which case they’ll contact you using the details you gave them.

  • The ad is too obnoxious to skip or ignore. If you see a pop-up that’s taking up most of your screen and looks like a challenge to get rid of, this is yet another sign of possible fraud. UI design isn’t an easy thing to do, but most designers can manage an informative ad that won’t make you hate it.

  • You see a weird-looking URL in the ad. If there’s a link included in the pop-up that looks like a meaningless jumble of characters, the chances are higher than ever you’ll regret if you click on it. The same applies to phone numbers. Typically, a legit pop-up ad won’t come with such information.

  • The pop-up looks so unprofessional you might have a hard time unseeing it. If you notice way too many spelling mistakes or a truly ridiculous color scheme, it might be a sign that you’d better get rid of this ad. The former, in particular, is known to be a indicator that you’ve become the target of phishing.

There are two main ways in which you can ensure that pop-ups won’t show up on your Android device and distract you. These can be combined because they treat different root causes that aren’t mutually exclusive. Start by installing an antivirus and checking for any malware. If you have viruses on your phone, those might be causing the nasty ads to show up, most probably for cheating purposes, so don’t hesitate to clean your device. Additionally, block pop-ap ads on a site-by-site basis by following the steps above.

  • Open your Chrome browser and access Settings.

  • Navigate to Site Settings.

  • Select Pop-Ups and Redirects and use the togge to disable these.

  • Do the same for Ads.

As you can see, there are two ways in which you can deal with obnoxious ads, via settings and by checking your device for adware. Ideally, you should combine the two. Do you have any really bad experiences with pop-ups? Share in the comments.



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