Master Dating App Etiquette With These 5 Tips

Austin Dean


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Dating apps have become an integral part of our lives. They are handy tools for finding soulmates, friends, partners, etc. However, their use can be associated with risks since there is a chance of stumbling upon an unreliable person. In order not to get into awkward situations and protect yourself, you should follow certain rules. These five hacks will help you improve your etiquette and get the most out of such apps.

Tip 1: Learn Terminology

In the modern world, there are a huge number of terms that define sexual orientation, identity, the preferred format of relationships, and so on. Navigating all these words and expressions is advisable to understand who you deal with. It is considered impolite to ask a person directly what this or that term in their profile means. Therefore, conduct preliminary research to navigate the topic. It is just as important when you use not the common Tinder but some premium services. Usually, they match people according to identity, sexual orientation, and other characteristics.

Tip 2: Ask Questions

By asking questions to the other person, you solve two problems. Firstly, you show interest in them, increasing your chances of further real dates. Secondly, it allows you to find out more information to understand whether this option is right for you or not and to determine the presence of red flags. Experienced users recommend studying the profile of an interlocutor and asking leading questions, starting from the information they provide. By the way, statistics show that deeper questions make the conversation more detailed and multifaceted.

Tip 3: Speak the Truth

We’re sure no one likes to be lied to. You will certainly prefer that your partner honestly answers questions and not come up with non-existent life events. You should also try to be honest because relationships should be built on trust. It does not mean you need to tell everything. If there are any points that you are not yet ready to reveal, just tell your match about them. It is better not to lie but to discuss this issue when you think the right time has come and you feel comfortable.

Tip 4: Don’t Overshare

This point follows smoothly from the previous one but is no less critical. Many people feel discomfort and embarrassment when their partner is too frank and talks about some too personal things. Analyze what and how you say in chats, and understand which part of this information should be saved for future dates. It will help make further communication with other people more comfortable for all participants. Be honest and consistent, but don’t talk about personal issues and intimate details until you know your match better.

Tip 5: Be Tactful

Some people perceive dating apps as services for finding partners for a fling and just having fun. It is partly true. But first, you need to make sure that all participants agree with it. Do not send intimate photos, do not engage in sexting, and do not write inappropriate messages unless your interlocutor has permitted you to do so. You should understand that not everyone likes such a communication format, so you should be tactful and discreet. If you are rejected, accept it and search for another match that suits you better.

You Owe Nothing to Anyone

When chatting on dating apps, remember that you can leave anytime if something doesn’t suit you or you lose interest. Be honest and politely explain to the other person that you want something different. Ghosting is not the best option, but if your match misbehaves, it may be the only way to end the conversation.

Please share your experience of using dating apps! What personal tips would you recommend for beginners?


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