Why and How to Link Instagram and WhatsApp

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Meta provides businesses, freelancers, and creators with user-friendly products to interact with clients. For some time now, developers have begun adding the instruments for linking all your services into a single coherent system. Read below about how linking Instagram and WhatsApp can be helpful for you, as well as how to do it right.

Why Link Your Accounts?

Integrating two popular services has many benefits for both customers and businesses. It is a convenient option to turn your Instagram followers into active WhatsApp contacts. Creators with popular accounts will surely appreciate the convenience of this tool. It will also save you from blocking due to suspected spam since it is enough to receive the first message from your customer for trouble-free communication in the messenger. Then all other messages will be perceived by the system as trustworthy.

Besides, some Instagram users still dislike direct messages, considering them inconvenient, despite all the latest updates. Whatsapp is the best alternative. By offering your subscribers different communication channels, you significantly increase the loyalty of the target audience. It will definitely have a positive impact on business development.

How to Link Services?

The benefits of linking multiple Meta services into a single system are undeniable. Let’s move on to a step-by-step guide with which you can add a WhatsApp button to your Instagram profile. Please note that this functionality is not available to regular users. Business account holders can only utilize it.

  1. Launch Instagram on any portable device and go to your profile settings.
  2. Find the option with your public data and go to the block with editing contacts.
  3. In this section, you will find a line with a WhatsApp contact number. You can use an existing number or create a new account on the spot.
  4. To confirm the entered data, you will receive a verification code to the specified number.
  5. The verified number will be automatically added to your contact list in the profile header.

Now every visitor to your page can contact you in one more way. Since the WhatsApp number added in this way becomes public, avoid adding a personal phone number to Instagram.

How to Remove or Replace WhatsApp Number?

If this communication method is no longer relevant or you want to edit the number, you can change your profile settings at any time:

  1. Go to your account settings and find the line that gives access to your public data again.
  2. Tap the line with your contact information and find the one with the WhatsApp number.
  3. Here, you can set a new, up-to-date contact number and save it the same way as in the first block of this guide. Or you can completely remove this communication method by simply clicking “Remove WhatsApp.” Please note that the last option does not affect your profile in the messenger in any way. Just information about it is deleted from Instagram.

Remember to update your contact details regularly so your customers can contact you quickly.

Convenient Communication Channels

Thanks to these built-in Meta tools, you can also link your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Each platform is known to have a unique target audience. By creating a well-coordinated system, you cover the maximum number of potential and real users, giving them the opportunity to choose the most convenient way of communication on their own.

Have you already linked your accounts on the Meta platforms into a single system? How has it affected your performance? What communication methods are most popular among your customers?


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