Meet Bitmoji-Style Avatars on WhatsApp

Austin Dean


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Soon, WhatsApp users will be able to create 3D avatars with their faces, similar to Bitmojis from Facebook. Currently, this functionality is available to beta testers, but it means that the developers are entering the home stretch. There are other possibilities associated with the new tool.

The WABetaInfo portal is the first to report the slightest changes in the WhatsApp operation. Not so long ago, it noticed in the beta version for Android devices the options to create personalized 3D avatars. This tool is already in Messenger and Instagram, so it was just a matter of time before it appeared in WhatsApp. So far, only a selected few beta testers can actually try out creating their own avatars. Although rumors about the introduction of this functionality have been circulating since last month, access to it was provided only recently.

Those users who have gained access to the new tool see the changed settings. There's a new category for creating and managing an avatar. After you finish working on it, the messenger will automatically generate a sticker pack with your 3D pictures. So you can share personalized emojis with your friends.

Creating custom Bitmoji-like avatars is part of Meta's global effort to create a metaverse and link all devices and products together. Work on virtual user copies has been underway since 2019 when personalized avatars appeared in Messenger. Facebook got these same features in 2020. At the moment, there is no exact information on when this new functionality will be widely available to WhatsApp users, but obviously, the wait is not long.

Do you use 3D avatars on Messenger and Instagram? Do you plan to use them on WhatsApp? In general, how do you feel about the idea of ​​creating a metaverse with digital copies of all users, including you?


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