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Austin Dean


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Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter claims that he will increase the user base of the social network in the future. During the next 3 years, he has quire ambitious intention to raise the number of users by 200 percent. While it may look slightly impossible, three years can be enough to offer the features that the audience could not simply resist.

Perhaps it will be the comeback of odious politician and former US President Donald Trump whose Twitter account was banned for obvious reasons. Maybe it will be the move that cleans Twitter from any politics, which does not look possible in the modern world. Elon Musk can still surprise us with some big or even generous gestures. Yet, will they be enough?

Musk is trying to fit in his new position as Twitter’s owner. He makes the new statements via his Twitter account almost every few hours. The world community can’t wait to see some of the major changes implemented in life.

Last week the business owner and Tesla’s head has secured $7 billion in funding commitments for a $44 billion deal on Twitter. His partners became Larry Ellison, Binance, Saudi Prince Alwaleed, and Sequoia Capital. All the contributors now own their shares in the company, while Musk is buying the stocks from the previous owners. The main idea behind it is that Musk is still the one and only major shareholder, so his decisions can’t be influenced by several financial partners. Yet, they will expect to see the money back in the future.

For now, Musk’s intentions are the following:

  • To increase the user base up to 600 million daily users by 2025;

  • To raise the Twitter’s revenue by 2028 up to $26.5 billion;

  • To cut the ads income to 45 percent of Twitter’s revenue;

  • To cut the number of employees, firing at least 1000 people during the year.

Do you want to see the changes Musk will provide? Do you believe growth is possible? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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