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Tania Dzibuk


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YouTube that is made for TV receives an advanced starting sound and the ability to add users’ comments. YouTube has recently revealed the new changes that are coming on the screen. Users who prefer to watch YouTube on a big screen have probably noticed the changes. They appeared in the past few days.

The changes came to the YouTube app for TV sets. Among the new features are improved animation that appears during the start up of the app and the sound guide. You can already see the comments on your display while you are watching channels.

YouTube has put a lot of effort into creating the best sound for the entrance. Now it is official. It started with the users' requests in their blog posts. YouTube decided to create something recognizable, as well as engaging and vibrant at the same time. The company asked for the help of Antfood, the branding studio that creates the intros for others. Now YouTube has what it asked for, the clip for 3 seconds that starts with the rich tones with flavor of gravitational pull and ends with the 7th music chord. The last chords represent the way YouTube wants its audience to start exploring things around. Mix of the sound and the visual picture will appear in other YouTube apps apparently.

As for the comments feature, it has been spotted by users and revealed on Reddit. YouTube officials did not make comments about this feature. This update allows users to watch the comments that other users left under the video. Before the update it was impossible to do it on the YouTube app for TV. Some users claim that this feature was noticed on the Android version of the app too. The update allows you to see comments in the sidebar on your right side of the screen.

What do you think about the changes that were revealed on YouTube TV? Do you often watch the streaming service on the big screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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